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Anara is an Elf from Tir Asleen

Anara (Toward Sunset) was born amid the destruction of her family's homeland. The last of her line, and an outcast at birth, she is one of the Sunset Elves. The Sunset Elves were born during the wars and all display physical and spiritual impurities from that troubled time. Not welcome among the high elves, she traveled with random bands of wood elves who called her Undomelind - the Night Singer.

Anara is still searching for forgiveness, a place to belong, a family, and a place to call home.

Forever Sworn to to Stand by the Side of Anglave

Anara feeling Blue

Weapons of Choice: Wing Shield and medium sword, Florentine, Archery

A member of the Knights of Wildwood going by the sacred name of Sir Cuitous, sworn to protect Wildwood and King Kingsford from all his enemies.

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