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Alister Wolfbane

Realm: Stygia
Race: Mountain Ork
Started Fighting: 2005

Unit: Western Uruk Hai
Rank: High Council
Breed: Serpent

Religion: The Dread God Apep, Harbinger of The Great Hunt, Sage in the Sacred Orders of the Sun

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board, Twin weapon, Spear
Amateur in Min Red and Archery

Events I've Been to:

Alister was born in a land high in the mountains, known as the Rocky Mountains. A place where monsters thrived. As he grew older, his clan moved to the land in the north called the Bitterroot Valley.

When Alister was old enough to fight, he was brought before Malark and became a member of the Gladiator's School. As the years went on, he left the gladiators to join the brave fighters of Stygia.

After improving his fighting skills, Alister was confronted by Slagg and became a member of The Western Uruk Hai. By Chaos Wars XIV Alister became a Grunt of the Uruk Hai.

To advance his abilities even further Alister confronted Malark to become a member of The Great Hunt where he took the totem of The Arctic Wolf.

During Chaos Wars XIX Alister became a Ravager.

To better himself in the Uruk Hai, Alister advanced to become Chieftain of the Stygian Uruk Hai. To do that he first had to become War Leader. After failed attempts, Alister went for it. In a rough battle against Divit, Alister prevailed.

In the wars of Chaos XX, Alister fought beside Jin as he fought for Warlord of the Western Uruk Hai. This victory made Jin the Warlord and in correlation Alister became Chieftain of the Stygian Uruk Hai.

In the following years members of the High Council started Retiring. When that happened Alister rose even higher becoming a member of the High Council. Along with Black Blood, MkDuf, and Jin.

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