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Realm: Rochdor
Realm Standing: Regent
Unit: Unaffiliated
Favored Weapons: Sword & Board


Aldric pushed the horse he rode hard, trying to transfer some of the urgency he felt to the animal. He had heard distressing news that his Realm was under attack by some unknown force. Onward he rode, switching out horses as he wore each one lame.

Finally, he arrived within the borders of Rochdor and found....nothing. No sign of conflict, no battlefields, no weapons strewn about. This was more troubling than he feared. Where were Rochdor's fighters? The fierce warriors many called barbarians could not be found. Had they fled? Gone into hiding? Laid down there weapons? Many questions flowed from Aldric, but no answers appeared.

Distraught, but determined, Aldric vowed to rebuild his lost Realm, training new fighters with the aid of his neighboring Realms and establishing Rochdor as a mighty force! He proclaimed himself Regent until others step forward to lead Rochdor.

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