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Realm: Hyden_Gahl
Realm Standing: Regent
Real Name: Dustin Huber
Fighting Since: Summer '2005
Unit: Unaffiliated
Weapon of Choice: Sword and Board

As a child Alabraxis lived on his grandfather’s farm. His father was a centurion for the Empire, his mother worked for his grandfather. When Alabaxis read the letters from his father, he would imagine himself in the distant lands. Alabraxis spent years learning how to tend horses, manage servants, and exploring the wilderness around his grandfather’s farm.

When he came of the right age, Alabraxis volunteered with the local garrison. He longed for travel beyond the local hills and forests. Upon completion of his military training, he put in for a transfer to more exotic locales. Amazingly it was granted.

Within a year of joining his new Legion, Alabraxis found himself heading to the frontiers of Briton. The reigning emperor wanted to push Rome’s northern border further beyond Hadrian’s Wall – a simple enough task, squelch native uprisings and establish a working relationship with properly established villages.

Sadly, years of battle wore on Rome’s ability to supply Alabraxis’s legion, and they were ordered to fall back to Hadrian’s Wall to await further orders. This removal of soldiers was not taken well by the few villages who eagerly accepted Rome’s ordered protection.

Alabraxis found himself torn, between the empire he was loyal to, and the peasants who would surely suffer for their choice to ally themselves with Rome. Once his legion arrived at the wall, Alabraxis put in a request to stay behind to guard Rome’s most wayward citizens. His request was denied, but Alabraxis’s service to Rome was nearing its end. He decided to accept his retirement, a small pension, and move north beyond the wall.

Alabraxis remembered a small village on the very fringe of his legion’s advancement, this was his new home. The local’s called it “Hyden-Gahl.” Upon his return to the village, Alabraxis was greeted warmly. Many of the villagers allowed him to stay in their homes until he could make a place for himself in the village. He spent his days walking with the village elders, continuing their conversion to a Roman way of life. After months of deliberation with the village elders, Alabraxis convinced them to put him in charge of village defense. He began recruiting able bodied young men to aid him in erecting the defenses, all the while teaching them the basics of combat.

One day, a raiding party came to Hyden-Gahl demanding it open its gates and accept rulership of their chieftan. Alabraxis gathered the young men he’d been training and stood outside the village gates. The sight of a single Roman soldier and his band of children, was seen as laughable at best. The raiding party charged. Alabraxis fired a single arrow, piercing the throat of their leader. This caused the charging horde to falter just enough to allow archers behind the wall to score several more hits on the raiders. Leaderless and taking losses, they bolted. The first defense of Hyden-Gahl was successful thanks to the training of Alabraxis and his men.

Alabraxis was honored as a hero. The elders asked him to accept a cheiftan role for the village. Alabraxis declined this offer, instead asking to run the village as regent until a true roman governor could be instated there. The elders saw this as acceptable. Alabraxis has ruled with a gentle hand since that day, always with an eye for defense.

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