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My name is THOR "Curtis" Frey, im the champion of Asgard. Im a Tatsujin in the Shinto Kaze sect of Shin Ken Kei Kamon. I trained and grew up with my older brother Sigurd, I learned Karate from my Uncle/Sensei, I also learned Taijutsu, Bubulus and Ninjutsu from him. I learned Kenjutsu from Sigurd and from there am in the process of developing Jigoku Ryu Kenjutsu, which specializes in the use of two Daito also the use of large swords such as the european great sword and japanese nodachi. Im a member of the Legend unit along side Maru and Hayashi. Ive studied martial arts for about 15 years now, and im currently in the army(Fort Campbell Kentucky).Im also an expert of Shurikenjutsu and Bubulus(knife combat). I am effecient in Keagretate no Kami Ryu Juni, especially Shotokan Karate.

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