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Other names gone by: Ainsley Lockhart

Real Name: Lauren Enda, married to Tarnis Lockhart

Participating since:2008

Current Realm: Dunharrow

Race: Fae/Elf

Non-con fighter skill(s): Sewing, and general crafting

Unit: The Fianna

Current unit title: Oath-sworn, and social media Elf.

Events Attended

Ragnarok: XXIV, XXV, XXVI
Wolfpack Opener: 2009, 2010, 2023
Equinox: 2009, 2010, 2023
Beltane: 2009, 2010, 2023
Oktoberfest: 2022
Armageddon: 2023
Kill, Grill, and Chill: 2023


Back Story

Growing up as an elf where Ainsley was from was sometimes very dangerous. Especially because her mother, Lady Lonnóg, and her father, Sir Áinle Hyetower of Kildare are nobles. But also, and most unfortunately, because the people of Kildare didn’t trust the Fae.

There had been far too many Fae leaders who have wronged the mostly human people of their country. Some had kept the humans as slaves, where others ripped away all their freedoms making them wish they were lucky enough to live inside a Fae household as living in their towns and villages health more like hell then home.

Over time, however, there came to be nicer and better rulers of Kildare. Fae who worked with the humans and not against them. But the old times and memories didn’t just fade away because of a few good apples. It just hid itself better, and wore a mask to cover its true face.

By the time Ainsley’s family came to rule, it had been almost a half a century since the last Evil Fae ruled over the land. But those old enough to remember still told their tails to any ear who’d listen. This caused the Hyetower clan to hide a bit themselves. Especially Ainsley. Her mother taught her the spell to hide her ears at a young age. Told her it would be “better this way” when It came to her dreams and goals. And although she was doing what the people feared she would, tricking them that is, not showing her Fae like features to the world would open more doors for her. It would also cause less people to whisper and snicker behind her back, and allow her to express herself more freely. So as soon as she was able to walk and speak clearly, she learned the spell to vanish her pointy ears.

One of the things Ainsley did growing up was make herself familiar with the local craftsmen in her village, and begged them to teach her how to create beautiful things. She was very interested in painting, sculpting, sewing.. and all kinds of little crafts to keep her mind busy. Her interests changed a lot over the years. But her love and desire to create never waivered. She’s constantly looking for ways to improve her skills. She also considers herself a decent cook, and likes to think her creative mind allows her to tell a good story. Tails of the once power Gods of the Seasons are her favorite to tell.

When she wasn’t crafting or getting herself into trouble, she was learning how to defend herself. Her father bought her a bow and taught how to use it. She was also given a knife as a gift for her 18th birthday as a sign that she was a free woman. All of the people in her family carried one. And even though the first taste of blood her knife had was her own…(she once tried to use her knife to open a large seed and nearly sliced her finger off) it could still kill a man, and might one day have to

It was also around the summer of her 18th year when she met a warrior named Tarnis Lockhart. And because he didn’t know she was Fae, he instantly tried to win her heart. He was vacationing in Kildare for the summer and it truly felt like love at first sight. Ainsley became rather obsessed with this strange man who claimed to be from another world

He was different in all the right ways and showed her a life she never knew she wanted. He was also part of the Fianna, a well known group of warriors from across the country. When it was time for Tarnis to leave Kildare and go back to his clan, Ainsley had to make a decision that would change her life. If she wanted to stay with her new found love interest she would need to go off with him and leave her life as princess of Kildare behind.

After talking with her family about it the ended up encouraging her to go. They believed that Tarnis was an honorable man who would be able to take care of her and that they would still be here to support her if needed. Ainsley was overjoyed and excited to start her new life. With a pouch full of gold, and her man by her side, she went off to join the Fianna and continue life’s adventures with them.

Along the lines she and Tarnis got married. It was a beautiful wedding, and he still didn’t know she was Fae! It wasn’t until one very cold night nearly six years after they wed, and fourteen since they got together, that she became too cold and distracted to conceal her ears and woke up next to a very surprised husband who had a lot of questions.

Thankfully he made an exception to his hate of Fae rules to still love her. Because, well, if not, that trusty blade of hers might have found its way into his chest…who cares if she was the one to deceive him first, if she can’t have him no one can.

Just kidding.

He understood why she hid It for all those years. And it’s not like he didn’t have any skeletons hiding in his closet that needed to be dug up anyway.

But that’s all my friends.

Peace, love, and blood

-Ainsley Lockhart

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