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Aias Cunaxu of Niflheim, though a fighter of a few years' experience, has made leaps and bounds in his abilities in fighting and in leadership, thanks to the help of several veterans.

He started fighting in the summer of 2008, under the name 'Cú'. Having heard about Tir Asleen when his sister toured Iowa State University, he knew he had found the right activity for him. Cú spent a lot of time attending practice with Frozen North before starting his own realm in Moorhead, MN.

After a time, Cú realized that the Irish name he had picked was not in keeping with the Greek theme he had clearly started to define. The only problem was that he was already starting to be recognized in the foam fighting world as Cú. Thus, his name was changed to Aias Cunaxu, Greek for Ajax of Cunaxa, so as to keep "Cu" for a suitable nickname.

FAVORITE STYLE: Who doesn't like the sword n' board combo? Very light, short sword most of the time, though Cú has been known to shake things up with a falcata or club to keep his shield company. At practice, he'll dick around with jav and board or full spear and board, and does have a serious desire to become a proficient spearman.

GOALS: To get Niflheim established as a speaking realm.



Snowball II


Siedde II

Chaos Wars XIII

Phoenix Rising

Oktoberfest 2009

Snowball III


Chaos Wars XIV

Snowball IV



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