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Aekien Caradoc ready to shoot archery.
The heraldry for Aekien Caradoc.
Aekien Caradoc fighting at Battle for the Ring 2023.

Realm: The Village Guard
Household: House of Stites
Mundane Name: Topher Best
Pronouns: He/Him
Race: Human
Started Fighting: January 2023 in Belegarth, previous 20 years in the SCA
Fighting Style: Sword and Board, Archery

Interesting Facts:

  • Every August-October, Aekien leaves the Village with Meggan of the Village Guard to aid with the annual bountiful harvest (Mundanely he designs lights every year at Halloween Horror Nights and can't go to practices/War during those months)!
  • At times nicknamed, Toe-Biter!

Persona Story:

Coming Soon!

As Aekien roamed the forest, he crossed paths with Meggan and her dragon, Ffeon. Meggan, also an archer, was smitten with Aekien and he cherished her too. So Aekien, Meggan, and Ffeon journeyed deeper into the forest.

On a day, Ffeon spied smoke afar and fancied it's scent. Aekien and Meggan and liked the smell too, for they knew it full well...They discovered The Village Guard, a kindly folk of humble villagers who stayed behind while the nobler warriors have gone to do warlike deeds. The Guardspeoples are famed for their large harvests of the "Dragon's Lettuce."


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