Admiral General Mordock Sangblaade (Grand Weapons Master and Founder of "The Crimson Armada")

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I am the admiral of the crimson armada. I am a master of weaponry, weapon smithing, and scirmish warfare. Im a viking at heart, and my years of pillaging have taught me much. I have learned that men make the battle. So I teach them, raise them if ya kin, and show them how to fight. this is my favorite part about the crimson armada... The people and the training. But obviously i love the warfare too. Were there a better job for me than teaching battle strategies, well... There isnt. But im quite skilled at turning both foam and promising warriors into their greatest potential image. I am posting all of the directions on how to make the weapons that my realm uses as well as some that are just nice to reference that i may or may not have created the pages for. In short, i am a fearless and entertaining leader who is hell bent to win battles and have a great time improving the warriors around me and myself.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to join our realm. Contact me at 2624221608 or just post yourself right into our members link with athis written bellow your name: (pending), then leave your phone number notating the type of number (it should look like this: cell:(###)###-###) and we will contact you asap and get you involved as soon as youd like. Also, i will be hosting practices at my house for anyone that wants to come and work on their skills, regaurdless of your realm affiliations.

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