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Fighter Information

Name: Adelaide Van Garen
Mundane Name: Amy McReynolds
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Realm: Middle earth, hangs around Nightfort, previously of Carthage
Unit: Petitioning Children of Níðhöggr
Primary Fighting Style: Non-Combatant
House: None
Fighting Since: Spring 2013
Favorite Brew: Buttery Nipple

Other Information

Adelaide, as a Non-Com, can typically be found in Níðhöggr Camp or along the sidelines of the battlefield, working on a project and making sure everyone drinks their damn water.

Adelaide loves Fun Facts.
Fun Fact: If you ask nicely, Adelaide will create crocheted or knitted goods or paint upon clothes and shields for Coin. If you can pass her Test of Knowledge for her amusement, you may even receive a discount.

Events Attended


Adelaide was educated to be a rich man's wife in the aristocracy of the Duchy of Guelders. She was trained to cross-stitch, to knit, and to run a household, but she always yearned for another life, a life of adventure. So when an opportunity presented itself in the form of a Viking Raid, she snatched it up. When the raiders attacked her ancestral castle she paid off the Vikings, not to leave her be, but to take her along with them. After the initial bribe, she made her way by providing knitted goods, painting their shields, and doing chores such as cooking and cleaning. The crew came to like her, but none more than Corran Castor, a spearman. When the ship docked in Constantinople he invited her to join him on shore. They married soon after and they've roamed the Continent together ever since.

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