AG Winter War 2006

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They were expecting 30 of us from Belegarth but the snow came and all that showed up was me and scutter. (Whimps)

Friday night ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! night ditch-a-thon contest 9pm to 6am outside. Ditching is fighting with no missile weapons and no armour, dead regroup, non stop fighting and fighting and fighting, HORDE CORE

When you stopped fighting you were out of the competion. I stopped about 2 am ( 5 hours for the old man ) and finished in the top 20 or so out of about a 100 people. the Winner fought till about 5 am. non stop cold and snow kept it interesting.

Horde Win!

Sat. unit wars started at 10am !!!!!!!!!!! . Great war at 3pm. feast at punk rock band at 10pm

First the good! 1. Very Very nice people, No attitude by vets toward newbes, very helpfull 2. ditching is fun, no armour, no javs, no arrows, fast and fun, even for all 3. no flails 4. the rules were wrote eons ago by the foam gods and are not under review at all, any thing in the rules is accepted not questioned as cheese period, defending all rules is a part of the game honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 5. less rino , less bad attitude 6. units much smaller less unit clickish ness !!!!!!!!!!! 7. if you kill them they do not stomp off mad they compliment your shot 8. Different but fun alot less painfull 9. Many rankings and levels to earn for everyone lots of awards and easy to gain recogination.

Not Great ..........this is just my oppion not Belgarth, DD, Horde or even scutter

1. Garb very very Loud!!!!! , floresent colors funny bright hats, no medival experience, none, none , nota! and very few girls fight i recall 3 or 4 out of 150 people

2. glaves are very light they are there flails with no mistle weapons in most battles and all they have to do is touch or lay the glave on you it has way to much power.

3. Sat was very slow moving just the oppisote of a Ill. event like spring war or october fest lots of sitting lots of breaks very little fighting for my taste.

4. The great war was a hundred times worse than i could have ever imagined. Magic balls flying, spells , high spped mumbling everywere, fish, telaportation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , lighting- i could not fight at all some one would call me dead or hit me with a fire ball the spells seem unlimited and never ending . The good thing it only lasted a hour i just wanted to hit somebudy with my sword so i called plan C and me and suutter turned and hit each other with our 4 points of armour it, that was fun and looking to last awile till i got hit with a fire ball in the back and bam i was dead but scuuter nailed the palidin because he had a anti fire ball enchantment and boots of escaping then his death was called for by a druid 50 feet away and scuuter to was dead

Horde Win

5. if you touch them with a shield, now, that makes them mad and they do not like to get hit with our weapons and i dont blame them its there game.

6. Less intensity. much less intensity

7. no monsters, no character acting at all , a lot of people no garb, no chanting, druming, everyone dresses the same, but they seemed to love me and sutters gar we were dress out horde to the tilt and thye loved it .

All in all i had a great time, would i skip a Belegarth event ti go to one ? No way! But if one is near, and no conflits i would love to go to more events.

An Elite unit called SI took us in as newbes and they were great!!!!!! they had 2 Knights we got 3rd out of 10 teams in the unit wars. They said we could fight with them any time we came back very cool guys.

I did not put this up to start a flame war, i just thougth there are things both groups can learn from each other. We could really take a leson from them in how to be nice to everyone at a event not just our friends.


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