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--Aisha (talk) 04:59, 11 March 2024 (UTC)

Mundane Name: Nunyabusiness
Fighting Name: A'isha Lizardbane
Race: Skaven
Realm: Unaffiliated
Unit: Unaffiliated
Guild: Artificer
Fighting Since: June 2019
Fighting Style: Florentine, S&B
Symbol: Yin yang with a skaven and werewolf


Aisha was onece a glorious skaven pirate, beeloved by all skaven for he was the bestest and gratest rat ever to exist. Strongest of all and never beaten by any smelly dwarves for they sucked at fighting and could never beet a rat. One day in a trajic encountur Aisha the glorious skaven fighter was traitorisly bites by a filthy wairwolf. Now ever night he looses his soft fluffi blak fur and gets not so soft not so fluffeee black wulf fur that smells like dog. And in the dilusion of his brain after being bites the grate horny rat told him to slay all gross slimies called lizards and he would stop being a week wolf. Now in a ever growing fervor he hunts the glizards in a effort to become unce again the Supreme rat pirate of all time.

Event History

  • Wolfpack Opener- 2020
  • Oktoberfest- 2019, 2022, 2023
  • Armageddon- 2023
  • Winter War-2023

Fun Facts

Gots a kid, a dog, two cats(one is a pixie bob), used to have a beloved pet rat(raticcus). I like to rock climb, hike, trail run, climb trees, and be away from HuMens as much as possible. LOVE Sci fi and fantasy books and love to get and give recommendations. Fight me nerd

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