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Úlfheðnar is a unit that strives to be the best we can in all we do, whether it be fighting, crafting, organizing, etc.
We will train and teach others in order to improve those around us, to show honor both on and off the field of battle.
We show no mercy on the field of battle, for we, like the forces of the nature, are unstoppable.

Founded By Alpha shado Aίμαvǫrðr, Red Wolf of The Úlfheðnar.

Current Tribes and members

Úlfheðnar Tribe of Fugl Brenna (Phoenix, Arizona, United States.)

Alpha Shado Aίμαvǫrðr, Red Wolf of The Úlfheðnar
Beta Lucius Drakeheart, Green Basilisk of The Úlfheðnar
Shaman Mia, Purple Octopus of The Úlfheðnar
Omega Huginn, Black Raven of The Úlfheðnar
Druid Calypso Aίμαvǫrðr, Gold Kraken of The Úlfheðnar
Druid Muninn, Sable Raven of The Úlfheðnar

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