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<br>'''Guild:''' [[Seneschal Guild]]
<br>'''Guild:''' [[Seneschal Guild]]
*Guild Rank: [[Guild Master|Master]]
*Guild Rank: [[Guild Master|Master]]
<br>'''Home Realm:''' [[knightfall|Kingdom of Knightfall]]
'''Home Realm:''' [[knightfall|Kingdom of Knightfall]]
<br>'''Current Realm:''' [[Carthage]]
<br>'''Current Realm:''' [[Carthage]]
<br>'''Knightly Lineage: [[Knights of Wolfpack|Knights of Oldcastle]]'''  
<br>'''Knightly Lineage: [[Knights of Wolfpack|Knights of Oldcastle]]'''  

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Thurat at Oktoberfest 2013 (backshield)


Mundane Name: Jesse Sell Full Persona Name: Sir Thurat de Aquitaine, Master Seneschal
Fighting Since: 01 April 2006
Unit: Clan of the Hydra
Guild: Seneschal Guild

Home Realm: Kingdom of Knightfall
Current Realm: Carthage
Knightly Lineage: Knights of Oldcastle


I started fighting in April of 2006, in the Kingdom of Knightfall. I was the warlord of Knightfall from roughly 2008 until summer of 2012, when I moved to Carbondale, IL. There, I started a Belegarth RSO/Sports Club; the realm of Carthage. I acted as Carthage's president for one semester, and have remained on as a community adviser since. I ran the Dagorhir realm of Byzantium as an interim president from fall 2015 until May of 2016, when I assisted in rebooting the realm as the City of Bree, passing leadership to new officers there. I have managed the realm map hosted on since April of 2010, I maintain a database of realms in the sport, and I act as a point of contact for new members and realm leaders. I am a Master in the Seneschal Guild, with an emphasis on recruitment and retention. I have completed but always expanding on the Rebooted New Realm Starter Kit, and I run the Youtube Channel Boffer Basics. I am presently squired under Sir Morpheus of Wolfpack.

Events Attended

(Exact years of attendance uncertain; most attended multiple times)

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