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What is a Master?

A Master is exceptionally skilled within the discipline of their choice, and moderately skilled at others as well. They have demonstrated an aptitude at teaching. This is the final rank within a guild and among other things, gives the Master the honor of sitting on their guild's Council if they choose.

Master Garb

A Master may wear a badge with their guild's master symbol on it.

For Artificers, that would be a brown badge with an anvil, hammer, and yellow flame. For Seneschals, that would be a gold badge with a double-barred torch.

Those who achieve Master status will also be presented with a Master Sash in brown or gold with appropriate heraldry and embellishments.


There are two paths towards becoming a Guild Master.


The first path is to become a Guild Apprentice and be promoted through Journeyman to Master, meeting the following criteria:


  • Approved by Artificer’s Council
  • Have created a syllabus for a class within your discipline to be added to the guild library. This includes the approximate cost of the class and materials required, including those for demonstration as well as for students.
  • Have created at least one instructional document, and improved on a previous one or created a second instructional document, for the guild library. Videos are also appropriate.
  • Taught three classes about your discipline. This could be the same class at three different events.
  • General competency in one seneschal task associated with the arts. Organizing classes for an event promotes crafting, running an arts and sciences competition promotes exposure and excellence, organizing and assisting with feast, etc.
  • Completed an approved artificer project for someone outside your unit and realm with a quality of 7 or greater and a difficulty of 7 or greater. (Note: Exceptions may be made to acceptable recipients as the council sees fit)
  • Spent at least one year as a journeyman.


  • Approved by Seneschal Council
  • Have created a syllabus for a class within your aspect of service to be added to the guild library. This includes the approximate cost of the class and materials required, including those for demonstration as well as for students. For shadowing projects this could be a check list of items to cover.
  • Have created an instructional document, or improved on a previous one, for the guild library. Videos are also appropriate
  • Taught three classes about your aspect of service. In areas where teaching a class may not be appropriate having individuals shadow you can take fill this requirement.
  • General competency in one crafting task associated with service. Building weapons helps a weapons checker, sewing helps a realm leader garb their realm and as such is required of a master
  • Completed an approved service project for the whole of Belegarth of considerable effort as determined by the Council.
  • Spent at least one year as a journeyman



Immediate Master Recognition

The second path is to apply for immediate Master status. Many individuals in Belegarth are already masters in various areas, and have been for some time. In recognition of this the Guilds welcome those who qualify to apply for Master status now.

People who meet the requirements established by the Guild Councils may skip the apprentice/journeyman process and apply for Master Recognition in either Guild. To do so they should email the appropriate documentation, as described in the following links, to the applicable Guild email: and



CHRONICLER: This option is currently under construction.

Once received, the documents will be reviewed by the Guild Councils. There will be a time period set of three weeks from the posting date for discussion and voting, with a 2/3 majority required for acceptance. In the case of a "no" vote, the applicant will be provided with a reason for being declined and some feedback. They may reapply.

If approved, the applicant may use the title of Guild Master. Accepted application documents will be posted on the appropriate public Guild Facebook page and in the Guild Library on the Belgarth wiki for educational purposes. An Investment Ceremony may be held at an event of the applicant's choosing or privately. The new Master will be presented with a sash in their Guild colors with the Master's symbols, which indicates that they have achieved Master status. Masters may choose to sit on their Guild Council and participate in future votes, but doing so is not required. Masters may choose to take up to two apprentices, but doing so is not required.

Other Ranks

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