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Zenithen Darkheart

Cowboys from Hell
Zenith At Numenor Opener
Zenith, With Chaos In His Eyes

In Da "Temple of Rukkus" they teach no limits
In Da "Temple Of Chaos " they teach no bounds
In Da "Temple forever" is were we be liven
In Da "Temple forever" none shall be forgiven

waiting on Da Steps for war......


Chaos is seen as a seductive force, capable of corrupting anyone; even the most strong-willed and goodly-inclined follower will gradually be corrupted and become another follower of Chaos. This corruption is not just spiritual, but also physical - followers of these Chaos Gods frequently find themselves being mutated by their masters.-unknown

through time and space through the reaches and depths of good and evil upon the throne of chaos undivided, there is a symbol, a symbol of the complete and undying control of chaos and its presence in everything. It is the symbol of the heart of chaos or the dark heart. It is darkness and light, good and evil, the mind, body and soul of everything that is and was and is to come. One of the true symbols for everything devoted to chaos.

Of this symbol came the mark of the chosen ones, the chaos stars and all chaos ruins. Through the minds of the chaos gods a notion was brewed, they should created beings devoted to chaos alone with no other agenda and no mind to do so. But only a chosen few would find them selves created with the name Darkheart any others would either have to prove them selves worthy or be born of a Darkhearts creation. The Darkhearts curse was to live and die for chaos undivided and never know any other life except complete and utter devotion and service to chaos. And thus were created the four, DayKota Darkheart, Shelvass Darkheart, Zenithen Darkheart, And Shatixfax Darkheart. These four were to be the warriors-servants of chaos undivided “and none shall die but to be returned to chaos, none shall live but to serve chaos, all shall fight with the rage of chaos, none shall fail but fail to chaos, and none shall give pass but to though s found worthy to be of chaos, all shall destroy that which is not of chaos, all will have power to create chaos and to form it in there own mind , this is the being of the Darkheart,

And so these four were created and thus A Great War begun its was a war to rid the world of the none believers, and the weak scrounge of the earth who’s favor had fallen within chaos and most of all the forces of Order. Daykota was a fierce warrior and lead the army to many a victory over the forces of the Red Cross. Shelvass was a great tactician his armies raged over land and crushed all who opposed , Zenithen and Shatixfax were of a little different creation for there souls were affected by not only the four Most powerful Gods but the renegade Chaos God Malal this gave them the will to destroy all even thoughs not worthy of chaos even them selves and the power to challenge the chaos Gods choosen champion or any form of chaos that they see as not fit ((for Malal exist only to destroy the other gods and their followers)) thus during the great war Zenithen and shatix decided that Shalvass and daykota though warriors of chaos undivided were not worthy to serve so zenith and Shatix brought the challenge of war to these and there words were spoken from the mouth of the mighty shatix “you have been found lacking for you are of chaos but not true to its full nature because to be of true chaos undivided you must also have the will to destroy it” and thus Zenith and Shatix destroyed these two and declared them selves “the brothers darkheart”

Now the forms of zenith and shatixs were chosen on principle of the races that had been chosen worth but with there own twist. Zenith was chosen to be a goblyn, but not just any Goblyn, he was chosen to be a Blood Goblyn after the Blood God Khorne more powerful and more human like with no trace of goybln speech or and fear of there goybln ways or there customs he was purely devoted to Chaos so most goblyns look at Zenith as an outcast and a rogue because he fallows none of there ways and his skin is dark like the darkness of mud goblyns but glows red when the rage of war fills him

Shatix was born a Chaos Bugbear but was neither like them nor different he followed marjack but also the might of Khorne flowed in his veins ……this would prove to make him more powerful then any could comprehend

At this time they them selves decided that the mortal realm was in need of cleansing and proceeded there to which they came upon the lands of Loderia a warriors realm this was not for even among human standards they were weak and few in number even though zenith decided that he must turn them to chaos and in doing so create a realm of warriors. In the first year zenith trained hard with the realm and found he was a well liked warrior and very well rounded. He started to make many friends his soul filled with delight for all would bow to chaos. Within that year he found that warriors of chaos had already laid a path, very simple but still a path, of warriors of the House HellHammer a truly devoted house to chaos and its fallowing. He then in his heart decided he must become part of this house and its path. Such warriors as davit and varich were the first to teach Zenith the way of the the path, although zenith was created for this purpose he must learn the human way for the sake of converting them all to chaos undivided. Shatix later joined up in the realm of loderia after much coxing form Zenith and started fighting clan known as the SWARM. In this clan Zenith founded the first of the unborn darkhearts Drago Darkheart and decided that it was time to create more Servants of Chaos devoted to the cause Thus came Scumpdrip who was there from Known as Aidin to the humans only the true can call him by his real name. And spyke Darkheart. Years passed and A great warrior of chaos arose to zenith a Human who fallowed the Dirty lord Nurgle Killian Atraides and this man took Zenith as his retainer (later to take his place as a squire once killian was “knighted” as the humans called it) killian also took an other as his Squire. The one Zenith Called his Soul brother(for this is the title that is given to the being who keeps a darkhearts thoughts to the path and retrieves there mind after battle) a bugbear named Dameon Orcenfol “Dameon-soul”During this time A storm had come And all of Chaos felt the presence of the Gods come down to the realm of Loderia A blinding light came and a voice was heard “ Shatixfaxtor devota melcondress fa sappta losent fippa” it was the Tongue of chaos and its said Shatix your chaos Gods call you to the realm of chaos to be Lord of the undivided armies once again” And Like a phoenix of fire the great and mighty shatix was lifted of his body and his soul and taken from us. The lords’ bidding is none to challenge for they created us. Form then on it turned in to one battle after an other for zenith but with his brothers and his power of chaos he will cleaness the earth of the unclean ones……..

Zenith after many a year is a wanderer a warrior still with many of the trusted warriors of chaos but now he calls the rugged lands home it is the land between were the great sun sets and it rises he has title and host and many who challenge him but the fear is not in him for none shall defeat chaos and all will fall to chaos

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