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Name: Hob (also known as the mundane name Max)

Realm: Tir Asleen

Fighting Since: Fall 2018

Main Fighting Style: Lefty Sword and Board, and sometimes a glaive.

Race: Green Lizardman Skink (Still working out the details on this and developing lore)

Lore: (Still in development, so there isn't too much fluff) Hob is a relatively newly spawned Lizardman coming from the spawning pools of Athuax. Hob seeks to discover and record all types of information pertaining to the world around him, in order to help the lizardmen as a whole further the Great Plan. Hob has currently been working on cartography, traveling and mapping Tir Asleen and the greater Eriador region. Through his travels, Hob has met various different people of all sorts of backgrounds, some friendly and some not. As a result of his travels, Hob has been developing his fighting skills.
Even though Hob is a green Lizardman, his weapons are black. This is because Hob's clubs are crafted out of multiple shards of sharp obsidian.

-Hob of Kaab

Events Attended

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