Oktoberfest 2018

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Hosted by: Numenor
When: October 3rd-7th, 2018
Location: Comlara County Park, Hudson, IL
Cost (at Troll):

  • Wednesday: $50
  • Thursday: $45
  • Friday: $45
  • Saturday: $35
  • $10 Discount with Pre-Registration

Total Attendance: 786


Autocrats: Squire Ryno and Squire Kharylle
Heads of Troll: Squire Thurat and Squire Swerve
Head Weapon's Check: Squire Zuloo, Apprentice Desi, and Squire Demox
Head Herald: Squire Gandarb and Squire Beak
Head of Friday Feast: Finrod
Head of Saturday Feast: Squire Sharky
Event Hospitality Coordinator (aka Security): Squire Talion
Head of Tournaments: House Valkyries aka Dame Ruby and Khadine Tonberry
Web design: Squire Mathias


Garb contest (Friday) hosted by Carrot
The Red Triangle Bizarre Bazaar (Friday)
Belegarth Got Talent (Saturday)


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