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Name: Triv

Formerly known as: Blondie

Started Fighting: Fall 2006

Race: Hobgoblin

Unit: Western Uruk Hai

Barreled: Chaos Wars XII

Rank: Ravager

Other Groups: Team #blue
equipment for SOC
Duke of the Sand Plains

Realm: Eriador
~Currently stationed in Babylon

Weapon of Choice: Sword and Board mostly, but will use anything to kill his enemies.

Title: Purveyor of the Den.

Info: Triv started as a townie in Grinnell and has since makes his way travelling to Nan Belegorn and Tir Asleen for Fighting, initially famous for making great stir fry and mead. He first gained notoriety at Spring Wars '07, his first non-local event, where his maul was titled "Safest Weapon Ever" by Wolfpack.

Is fun to hang out with once you figure out that he's just a bit crazy, Just find him and the night will be all that more interesting but you have to find him first because he meanders all over the event! Here's a hint (he wear's his sports rec's all the time)

Can be found the next morning in trees even when he has been put to bed in his tent.


Events Attended:

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