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Fizzball is a good time

Fighter Profile

Fighting Name: Timber
Mundane name: Tyler Palella
Realm: Dunharrow
Race: Skaven
Unit: Jester's Court
Fighting style: Anything I am currently having fun with

Fighting Since: 2015

Other Information

  • Currently squiring to Ser Karr


    • 2015: Oktoberfest
    • 2016: WPO, KGC, Oktoberfest
    • 2017: WPO, Spring Wars, KGC, Obsidian Harvest, Oktoberfest
    • 2018: WPO, Beltaine, Armageddon, K.G.C., Obsidian Harvest, Oktoberfest
    • 2019: WPO, Spring Wars, Armageddon, Rhune in June, Morva Maelstrom, K.G.C., Osidian Harvest, Oktoberfest
I am very sneaky
My natural state, very confused
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