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A retainer in Belegarth is an apprentice in waiting to a knight or squire. While not guarantee of Knighthood, for many it is the first step on the path. Known as Pages in some lines.

Page Emeldir and Sir Oroku


During the Middle Ages a Retainer refereed to a person, more specifically, a soldier in service to a Lord.

Within Belegarth

Retainership is offering allegiance and service to a knight or squire. Often this is done to learn from and study with a chosen fighter and prepare for a squireship. Retainer is a job title, much like squire. Service, learning, study and hard work are expected.

Wolfpack Retainers
From Sir Kyrian Hawksword
In Wolfpack, the retainer program was specifically geared towards new members as a type of sponsorship/mentorship program. In my mind, this has been a pretty successful program:

a) Knights and their equivalents are allowed 2 retainers while squires are allowed 1.

b) The retainer must not be affiliated with a unit.

c) The program lasts for no more than 4 months/1 semester of attendance.

d) A retainer may choose to leave at any time during the retainership either voluntarily or by affiliating with a unit.

e) The knight/squire would be responsible for making sure the retainers obtain basic garb and equipment.

f) During battles other than unit battles, the retainers fight alongside their knight or squire and go with their knight if picked for a team. However, marshals may rebalance the teams if needed. A retainer would not fight with the knight or squire during unit battles

Current Retainers

Retainer Retainer's Realm Retainer To Knight's Realm
Trinity Minas Ithil Squire Antoinette Nomadic
Xeo Tir Asleen Sir Argent Tir Asleen
Sethra Nomadic Sir Chimera Muxlovia
Canadian Fish Thunder Guard Squire Tonks Thunder Guard
Kita Numenor Sir Sarif Numenor
Io Morva Sir Vak Morva
Saph Morva Sir Vak Morva
Khnor Dur-Demarion Sir Ember Dunharrow
Celes Dunharrow Sir Cidion Dunharrow
C. Ewan Hellstormme Loderia Sir Killian Wolfpack
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