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Neb is one of the five Great Goblyns. His was the fourth goblyn soul created by Melashekhaad the Creator and Goblyn Father, after Reth, Sifu, and Skribbit.

Because goblyns reincarnate, Neb, like all of us, has lived many lives. But only twice has he been called Neb. The first time was in the beginning, before Baulk’s betrayal, before the war with the gods, when he was one of the Great Goblyns with Reth, Sifu, Skrybitt, and Baulk. In the war with the gods Neb was our great general. He led us in slaughter against the other races, killed demons, and slayed gods. This is the legendary goblyn we call Old Neb.

But when he was killed, just like all of us, his soul did not come back True. Every time, Baulk takes his bite from our souls as we pass through the Gate to be reborn, so we do not have the strength we should. Baulk always hate Neb, more than anyone else, and every time that Neb’s soul is to be reborn, Baulk smells his soul coming and attack him. And every time, Neb’s soul fights Baulk, but in the river, Neb is just a spirit, while Baulk is manifested there in his flesh and his frightful demon-strength.

Neb’s spirit has only ever once overcome Baulk and returned close to his full strength, and that time his soul was born into the goblyn we call King Neb or "Neb u Khad Nezzar" (Neb the King of Nezzar). “Neb” was not the original name of this goblyn, but the name he took when the witchdoctor Chita recognized his soul and proclaimed him the great goblin reborn after he retrieved Reth’s armor from the mountain of Nezzar. The original name of King Neb is lost to time. This is the goblyn who led the Kingdom of Nezzar and restored our power.

The other lives of Neb’s spirit are unknown. It is likely that in almost all of them his spirit was so savaged by Baulk that he did not have any remarkable strength. But it is possible that other great goblyn heroes have had his soul, simply lesser or unrecognized.

The soul of Old Neb and King Nebukhadnezzar is the only one of the Great Goblyns that is still with us. Reth was taken, Sifu is cursed, Skrybitt ascended, and Baulk betrayed us. Only Neb remains.

The Lore of Old Neb

The Great War.

The Lore of King Neb

Dee Birth of Neb

Neb An Dee Boar

Neb An Dee Pinky Knite

Neb An Dee Fire Monkey

Neb An Dee Armor

Neb An Dee King Of Stars

Neb An Dee Ten Empires

Neb, Dee Dragon, An Dee End Of Nezzar

Neb's Head

Lore: The head of King Neb, though aware and possessed of his personality, does not contain his soul. It has moved on to the river. Witchdoctors believe that King Neb’s head is a reflection of his personality that was burned into it by the power of the rage magic that overtook Neb when he killed the dragon. He is also a gigantic asshole with a profoundly foul vocabulary who rarely shuts up and never hesitates to let you know what he thinks about you.

IRL: Within the game, the head of King Neb was bought by Izareth at a post-Halloween clearance sale in 1997. Ever since then it has cris-crossed the country in the keeping of different goblyns. Wherever King Neb goes, goblyns spring up. If there is an area of the country where young goblyns are beginning to emerge, it will not be long before King Neb arrives to inspire and them and give them a connection to the legacy of goblyns in the game.

The head of King Neb is one of the oldest and most treasured artifacts in Belegarth. It has been active in the game longer than 99% of current fighters and been to scores of events from coast to coast. It has resided in probably a dozen different realms and in the care of nearly that many people. It could be argued that some Belegarth artifacts, such as the Numenor Knight's Banner, have equal significance, but there are none greater.

Just hope you never have the "honor" of hosting him . . . because seriously he's a terrible person. We all hate him, we just can't get rid of him.

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