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Reth be one of the five Great Goblyns from the Age of Creation. He be dee greatest warrior to ever live, an' dee favored of Melashekhaad. He be dee last to survive til dee end of dee Great War, an' make de charge into the heart of dee Empire. Goblyns be too weak after Baulk's betrayal and the loss of so many True Goblyns, so Reth be captured. Dee other gods take him to be judged before dem, but he spit in der faces, an' call upon Melashekhaad to help him. Marjack an' dee other gods laugh, but den dee earth around der great city begin to tremble. Dey see something coming down from dee sky, an' the world start to break apart. It be dee hand of dee great god himself! Melashekhaad pluck Reth out of dee grasp of dee other gods, and in dee process, he destroy all around him. The earth itself fall away, dee gods lose their physical bodies, an' Reth be taken and sat upon Melashekhaad's shoulder. He sit der today, watchin' us, an' whisper in Melshekhaad's ear.

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