Khajiit and the Moon

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Mother Pissran has granted Khajiits wonderful eyes that see just as well at night as they do during the day. This has made the night our time with furred and padded footfalls that make nary a sound and eyes that can see much better than the other races in the dark. It was because of the night that we were able to free ourselves from servitude at the hands of the other races. At night when they were sleeping or very few were on guard we’d pick at our locks with nothing but our claws, slowly working our shackles till they’d click open. Then with silent footfalls we’d flee into the night with the moon overhead watching over us. At night, when others slept and our only recently freed Khajiit were starving, the moon again stood overhead to guide us, as we’d creep into houses to steal food or other valuables so that we could eat. As more Khajiit began to free themselves and band together to form their own roving societies, the night still held a special place in our hearts. The night became the time for us to practice our acrobatics in tents for spectacle and coin. As furred creatures to exert ourselves to such a degree under the hot sun would be nearly unbearable. While these aerial displays did grant us a source of coin that was garnered by honest means, these companies had to remain mobile. As Khajiits, we never knew when an old owner would try to return to our communities and take back their slaves. Having many roving communities meant that Khajiit on the run were able to seamlessly slip from one group to another, so even if they were found they could quickly disappear again. After many years of freedom we clung to these habits and so many Khajiit remained in their wandering communities, preferring that feeling of safety and camaraderie that came from being amongst our own kind, and having a family of sorts. But some free Khajiit’s, having never known what it was to be enslaved, chose instead to integrate with the other races, living and working beside the humans who used to be our captors. So even now as Khajiit wander we still remember and revere the moon. The daytime is for drinking and belongs to all races but the night, ah, the night belongs to Khajiits.

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