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The symbol of Pissran (from Witchdoctor Kazi's armor)

Pissran be nasty cat-goddess dat Melashekhaad create by accident an' den later use to create dee Goblyns, since he be too large an' powerful tah create anythin' but other gods. An' Pissran very nasty, bitchy goddess. So, through some majiks an' lots of hissing dat we not get into, Goblyns pop up wherever she piss. It not be de most glamorus creation, but wat yoo gonna do?

Pissran really hates Goblyns, an' she try to kill dem a lot. Because she hate Goblyns, most Goblyns hate her too. Or at least, don't really give a shit. More often den not, old stories be about dee Trim Skarim out-smting stupid Pissran an' makin' her even more angry. Only Goblyns who worship Pissran be Witchdoktors. Sifu be dee the first Witchdoktor, an' dis only because she steal it from Pissran after becoming angry at her "mother" ignoring dee goblyns in time of need. She headbutt dee giant cat, an' it cause dem both to bleed. Dee blood mix, an' Sifu was infused wit some of the goddess' majikz. (Dee crazed goddess Clohaka also be born from dis mixed blood.) Pissran drive Sifu away in rage, but Sifu not care. She use dees majiks from Pissran to lead dee Goblyn armies against dee Empire during Great War, an' dee knowledge passed to individual tribes to dis day.

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