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What is a Journeyman?

A journeyman has shown great aptitude and growth within their discipline of choice. They should be seen as a knowledgeable resource. This is a step between Apprentice and Master. Journeymen may also take a Guild Vassal as a student if approved by their mentor.

Journeyman Garb

A journeyman may wear a badge with their guild's symbol on it.

For Artificers, that would be a brown badge with two grey hammers. For Seneschals, that would be a gold badge with a single-barred torch.



  • Approved by Artificer’s Council
  • Successfully completed a BoW test as pertains to their discipline. (Note: if the member completed a general BoW test for the Seneschal Guild, that may be used for this requirement)
  • Demonstrated at least three new skills since their induction as an apprentice.
  • Completed a difficult project and had it graded with a quality of 7 or greater.
  • Completed a sizeable project in direct service of your realm.
  • Spent at least one year as an apprentice


  • Approved by Seneschal Council
  • Successfully completed a BoW test.
  • Have logged at least 150 hours in service of your realm, reflecting the aspect you have chosen. This must be recorded for and approved by your Mentor.
  • Served as an Event Coordinator (preferable) OR dedicated at least 30 hours to service at an event or events, witnessed by a Council Member or a previously agreed upon substitute.
  • Must have at least 3 members of Belegarth that are not part of their realm or unit be willing to recommend them for their service.
  • Spent at least one year as an apprentice



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