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Name & Title(s): Dymphna, Alligator Snapping Turtle of The Great Hunt, Citizen of Thurisaz, Overseer of The Cavalcade, Honorary member of the Fianna, Apprentice of the Combat Archery Guild, Ally of The Lost

Race: Khajiit(Catfolk, Snow Leopard)

Home Realm: Dur-Demarion

Current Unit: N/A

Previous Units:

Personal House: The Cavalcade

Fighting Preference(s): Sword & Board, Archery.

Fighting Since: July of 2013 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Personal Lore: Dymphna was the daughter of a couple of caravan owners, who moon-lighted as slave-freeing vigilantes. They were eventually caught, her father killed. Dymphna & her mother captured by high elves. Having grown up in captivity she only knows the name the elves had given her. After her mother passed away Dymphna made her escape to Dur-Demarion, and found herself in Thurisaz. After finding the safe haven she met Phoenix and Vander, which helped her decide to call Thurisaz home. Dymphna still wanders from time-to-time to other groups and places but has since claimed Thurisaz as the town she lives in, and likely always will. Dymphna is also honorary Fianna. They are a second family to her, especially Kinsman Finn CúMór mac Cruina.


Events thus far attended:

Independence Slay II, Equinox: Chaos Reigns(2013), Beltane XX: Legends of Graymulkin, Independence Slay III, Dog Days '14, Equinox: Pirates! '14, Oktoberfest '14, Frostgiliath '15, WolfPack Opener '15, EastWind Under Siege '15, Beltane: Warlords '15, Independence Slay IV, Dog Days '15, Equinox: All Hallows Eve '15, Oktoberfest 15', Wolfpack Opener 16', Beltane XXII Vikings, Battle of the Ozarks 16', Equinox 16', Oktoberfest '16, Wolfpack opener 17' Beltane 17', Ragnarok XXXII, Independence Slay VI, Equinox'17, Winter war '17, Frostgiliath '18, Wolfpack opener '18, Beltane '18, Independence Slay VII, Battle for the Ozarks 6, Equinox '18, Oktoberfest '18, Winter War '18, Frostgiliath '19, Wolfpack opener '19, Call to Arms '19, Beltane '19 (Sick), Independence Slay VIII, Chaos Wars '19, Equinox '19 (Unavailable), Winter War '19


Trials achieved

  • Trial of Cerberus - The Lost - February 16th, 2020
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