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Fighting Name: Dracken FarWhite or "Drack" when in a fight.

Favorite thing to do outside this sport: Scuba Diving (Master Diver)

Fighting since: Fall 2009

Realm: Khador

Unit: None, but searching.

Fighting styles:


  • Wearer of Ironside's stanky beltflag

Events Attended 2010: SPRING WARS! i have a main style in Sword and board as of right now. im getting far better since attending Ockfest '10 i have noticed as well as others in my realm that my shield work is getting better as is my footwork, i have to learn new shots as i tend to repeat my shots. although i have learned to hit harder

"can thou count the raindrops as they fall from the sky... no nor can I" -Dracken FarWhite of Khador.

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