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Da-Guo Family



Da-Guo believe themselves to be the most "domesticated" or "civilized" of the canid races. They are not war-like in the way of Gnolls, nor do they hold the mystical charms of Kitsune. They are not as eccentric as Foxtaurs nor as violent as those affected by Lycanthrope. Instead they are a tribal people who often wish only to be left alone. While Da-Guo are nomadic, they wander in patterns that can be traced back through the generations. They have been known by many names in the human world. Sheepdog, Nokhoi, Sobaka, Kuti and a host of others. Yet, one name remains beyond the rest. Da-Guo. Big Dog.


Da-Guo can be found in the mountainous regions and steppe of what some in the human world may consider Mongolia. Here they range from summer pastures to winters shelter with their large herds of sheep, yaks, and horses. Their territory occasionally intersects with that of Bugbears, Dwarfs and even very occasionally Kobolds. They are aware of such creatures, but in general stay out of their way and rarely interact. The majority of trade and interaction with other races happen between the Da-Guo, Humans and the occasional crafty Kitsune. On the steppe, the summers are generally mild and pleasant while the winters are bitter cold. Here the Da-Guo's coat has grown long and thick and when in human form they often prefer a myriad of layers of wool,linen, silks, and furs.





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