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Fighter Information

Corran at Oktoberfest 2017.jpeg

Name: Corran Castor
Titles: Squire
Actual Name: Cameron Sanders
Gender: Spear
Race: 100m
Realm: Nightfort? Definitely in Middle earth. Used to be in Shire Of Byzantium. Also Carthage
Unit: Children of Níðhöggr
Primary Fighting Style: Insults or Pole with a stabby bit on the end.
Favorite Shot: Butt Stabs
Favorite Brew: Cold Beer!
House: Livin' in a Box
Fighting Since: 2009?

Other Information

You see some Bob Ross lookin' dude stabbing butts with a spear? That's probably Corran. Wears Green. Beaver on his shield. You probably have seen him at some point.

Events Attended

Wolfpack Opener - 2013-Current Year
Spring War - Once in like 2009 I think? Then 2017 for sure.
Armageddon - 2016,17


Young Corran began his life on the outskirts of SmǿllTáwn, Meatsbállden (11XX A.D.) to a family of woodworkers and builders. He was raised to be an honest worker and a good person, given an opportunity to help others and make his ancestors proud. But nah, he ditched that place and sailed (stowed away) to the city of Constantinople when he was tall enough to hold a spear and started his life as a Brass Horn-playing Bard! When that fantasy crashed and burned, he resorted to petty theft and eventually mercenary work for the Byzantine Empire to praise the Emprah and pay some bills or something like that. AND THEN THE EMPRAH SAW HIM STAB SOME BUTTS WITH A POINTED STICK AND MADE HIM A VARANGIAN GUARD! THIS TOTALLY HAPPENED! Somewhere in that whole history, Corran met Adelaide van Garen, a nice lady he met on a ship. They got married. People were there, it was pretty great. Adelaide encouraged Corran to get back to the Merc units and stab more butts for PROFIT. They make a good team. Corran Regrets Nothing.

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