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Aphex has a pretty mouth

Aphex first started fighting in the summer of 1999 when he went to live in Bloomington/Normal with his sister and brother-in-law, Xooyan and Orion. He fought for 6 weeks with Wolfpack and made many good friends with many of the members of Wolfpack. Aphex then moved back to Oregon and brought a few swords (made by Obryn) back with him. The swords sat in a closet for almost 3 years until the summer of 2002 when Aphex, Kaber and Crow founded Babylon in Bend, Oregon. Aphex is a Dragoon and the first of the Knights of Babylon.

After winning the banner at Chaos Wars 8, Aphex, Kaber, Etain, Marduk, Bishop, Morwen, Lloki,and Dyse were asked to join the Gelfan Empire.

Aphex currently resides in Portland, Oregon and frequently fights with the realm of Pyke the Iron Port.

Aphex is also the arch rival of Shino

Nicknames: Gayphex, Phexual Chocolate, Boner

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