The Dark Reign

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The Dark Reign

Realm: Dur-Demarion
Started: Early Fall 1999

The Dark Reign: A short lived small unit, consisting of very specialized fighters. The most common characteristic of all members of The Dark Reign was their less-than-human personas, i.e:

Hawkins von Royen: Dhampir
Turgan: Demonspawn
Oni: Devil-possessed Undead
Cy Na'quil: Undead DeathJester
Zoof: Werewolf

The unit dissipated when Cy joined the Army (real, not Belegarth), Oni moved North, and Turgan pursued life outside of Belegarth. Hawkins has since spawned a new group at MTSU(as well as continuing to lead the Black Rose), and Zoof has joined the Horde.

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