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Member Count: 20 approx

Avg. Practice: 10-15 (avg. 5 per Mora)

Location: Kalamazoo and Frankenmuth


Kalamazoo: Warlord Varius, Warlord Valen

Frankenmuth: Templar Keberos


The Spartans practice outside all year. We fight in the snow. Weather is not an issue for us northerners. The two groups have different practice locations so practice will be in different locations depending on the Mora. Both groups have permanent practice sites however in the Frankenmuth and Kalamazoo area.

We are a Belegarth realm located in Michigan. Our unit is based off of the history and ideals of the ancient Spartans. We study the fighting styles of not only the phalanx but other greco-roman styles as well. Iron discipline and unrivaled teamwork is our strongest asset as all Spartan's fight as one. We are a relentless machine of bronze and flesh ever moving to the beat of war.

We do not break. our wall of shields and spears clash with the never ending tide of soldiers foolhardy enough to throw themselves upon the wall of death. Our mission is to become the most efficient fighting unit on the battlefield, working as one mind, one machine, to bring death to our foes.

The Spartan Way

Never Retreat  
Never Surrender 
Fight Without Fear 
Death On the Battlefield Is the Greatest Glory One Can Achieve 
Never Leave A Fellow Spartan To Die 
Always Fight Until the Last Breath

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