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Picture of Iorek on the front page of the Medina Gazzette October 5th, 2006

Real Name: Jeremy Throener
Realm: Rausumea
Unit: Uruk-haiIron Crown
Race: human Iorek Ursabane was a member of a nomadic tribe of people from the outskirts of Rausumea. He left his tribe to live amongst the Rausumeans in order to hide a violent and heinous act committed within his family. Once there he joined up with a faction known as Bloodfury a tribe of warriors from the Uruk-hai. Although his own beliefs collided with that of his faction's Iorek was facinated by the brutal brotherhood he had found in Bloodfury. He now holds the rank of ravager amogst the Uruk-hai.

Later Iorek swore himself to page beneath Jarl Sir Madog in hopes of one day becoming a knight and righting the wrongs he had made. After a while he had been granted squireship along with fellow rausumeans Dergeden and Talic. When it came time for Jarl sir Madog to travel off to distant lands and build a new civilization it had been left to these three squires to maintain Rausumea. It wasn't until just before leaving did Sir Madog announce his replacement to be Iorek.

Iorek now head of the Household of Rausumea seeks to better the household as well as finish his dreams of attaining knighthood.

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