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Location: Florida
Established: June 24, 2009


General Information

Atlantis is an independent cross-gaming unit which started in Belegarth. It was established by a number of the state's veteran foam-fighters and former military personnel. Until Atlantis was established, Florida had been a mere "colony state" for larger national units to recruit from. Atlantis broke this trend and was founded to be the state's flagship unit.

Within Florida, the unit's (friendly) rival is the local Gestiguiste outpost. Atlantis currently has no plans to expand outside of Florida; the unit may eventually expand if the proper opportunity presents itself.

Atlantis-hosted Events

  • The Atlantiad (February): A hybrid foam-combat/athletic competition fashioned after the Olympics, this is a one-day event with feast. Open to all.
  • The Agoge (Early to Mid Summer): A private training and trials event hosted for members of Atlantis and select guests.
  • The Odyssey (October): A typical foam-combat event host to a number of scenarios, this is a two-day event with feast. Open to all.

Imperial Administration

  • Emperor: Teej
  • Northern Ilarchos: Nikon (Jacksonville Ile, FL).
  • Northern Harmost: To'Gur (Jacksonville Ile, FL).
  • Central Ilarchos: Nibenon (Deland Ile, FL).
  • Central Harmost: Aiden (Deland Ile, FL).


Website: (down for updates)

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