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Ganga formed: 2005

Realm leader: everyone in the group.

Total members: 91

It consists of a lot of fighters, but many can not make it to every practice some are regular spectators and encourage the fighting frenzy

Our practice grounds consist of any where we find fit: usually we like to fight at Tomar Park, but sometimes it differs with our mood After the end of October we move into Blue Sage Lane, a barn; it's nice

Our Schedule time for fighting differs Our usual practice is saturday 2:00PM But we sometimes schedule for different days and start at 12:00

The required age to fight is 12 years old where a player can begin fighting with the group; that does not mean they are good or bad, but this way they can train and get better before they are 16 and go to tournaments.

At 16 we will start drafting at least for out of state tournaments

the belegarth realm of ganga assumes no liability for the players, and individuals play at their own risk. Making each member sign waivers and recognize their own risk of fighting

we can be found on facebook heres a link

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