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Ralik @ Oktoberfest'09

We are Exile, the forgotten, and the damned. We eat, sleep, and drink death as we look forward to our demise. We represent the balance of Life and Death. It is our purpose to ensure the scales of fate are forever in the balance as we provide souls to the Tree. All souls reaped by our hands is the substance for the Tree. Like us, the Tree is neither good nor evil, nor is it law or chaos. We back down to no one, even if the challenge against us is insurmountable. This is our code it is unbreakable.


  • Dawken: Elder

Cimmerian Order

  • Noodles: Warden
  • Hazmat: Acolyte
  • Ralik: Warden
  • D’Vinn: Warden
  • Toad: Acolyte
  • Remender: Acolyte
  • Dutch/Poncho: Acolyte
  • Abhorsen: Acolyte
  • Notoious: Acolyte
  • THOD: Hand
  • Dobson: Acolyte
  • Snake Eyes: Warden
  • Sir Templehoff Apok: Warden/Death Dealer
  • Cups: Acolyte
  • Blitz: Acolyte
  • Findabair: Acolyte
  • Badger Fleetwood: Acolyte
  • Aurious: Neophyte
  • ∅ (Null): Neophyte
  • Kestral: Neophyte
  • Darrow Sevaros: Neophyte
  • Tink: Neophyte
  • Aisha: Neophyte
  • Potter: Neophyte
  • Jo: Neophyte
  • Starling: Neophyte
  • Bigbi: Neophyte

Order of Fëanor

  • Sir Phira

Legend: Inactive members are indicated in italic text.

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