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Race: Human
Realm: Saracor
Weapon Set: Sword and Board
Fighting Since: 5/27/2018


Asher was born into a family of tradition. They were told their whole life they would grow up to become a seamstress, just like the 23 Ashers before them, but they always yearned for adventure. One day after a particularly nasty argument, they stormed out, with nothing but a few coin, a journal, and the necklace their mother gave to them they were young. Since then they've been performing odd jobs and traveling, not held down by rules or tradition. They joined Saracor, a realm of like-minded people who could teach them the way of the blade. Although they have the will and passion to fight, they still have a lot to learn.

Events Attended



"Why are we always running?"

"It's like they don't know we're gonna win"

"Tell your mom to stop calling me"

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