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The Giving of the Abacus

They watched this strange little creature, this new thrall with the same casual apathy that they gave all those that ended up here. Most didn’t prove worthy and this one had been sickly even before xe followed them home. They did not expect xem to pass beyond this mindless state.

The one who came before xem, a Hob by the name of Gekk'o, begrudgingly liked xem. He had not yet learned the lesson to not get attached to thralls. On instinct one day he gave xem a small brass abacus and found the mindless creature held onto it quite strongly.

By the time Blue reconnected with xyr body it was drastically altered. When xe tried to introduce xemself to the strange crowd xe found xemself among they had already named xem Abacus.

Abacus Blue the Trice Dead, Thane of The Lost, Apprentice in The House of the Silver Eclipse, Twilight Guardian

Unit: The Lost

Home Realm: Dur-Demarion

Ancestry: Hobgoblyn

Fighting Since: The End of Summer 2018
Blue in garb in full garb and paint holding a long red.
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