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At Beach brawl, pre concussion.


Fighting Name: Juliard

Mundane Name: Juliard Valentine Tolentino

Started Fighting:2018.

Realm Started in: Andor

Current Realm: Andor

Fighting Style:Sword and Board, Single Blue, Red Sword

Current Units: Brotherhood of the Falcon

Date Joined Current Unit: 06MAY23

Former Unit: [Redacted]

Houses: The Divine Wind Armory

Race: Silverhelms

Interesting Facts: I have been concussed at every event I have gone to, this pain shall spur my growth.

Events Attended:

  • BFTR 2022
  • Korriban Presents: The Beach Brawl! Fight for the Devil Fruits!
  • BFTR 2023
  • War of Wrath X: the Aylied Conflict
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