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The Battle Raven of Stygia

Fighter Information

Name: Emeldir Steve Elizabeth Bruce Buck Talrein, Battle Raven of Stygia
Race: Selkie

Realm: Stygia
Unit: Brotherhood of the Falcon

Fighting Since: September 2015
Fighting Styles: Sword and Board, Spear, Archery
Real Name: Kylie

Authorized Stygian Marshal
Member Nationally Certified Marshals

Shield of Emeldir
Rute The Fierce vs. Emeldir
Fighting with Sir Par at Twald 12

Emeldir was previously the president of Arabor- The University of Montana Medieval Combat Society.

Events Attended

Battle for the Ring IX
Battle for the Ring X
Battle for the Ring XI
Battle for the Ring XII
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2016
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2017
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2019
Thaw Brawl 2017
Thaw Brawl 2018
Thaw Brawl 2019
War of the Gate VII
War of the Gate VIII
Battle of Twald 11
Battle of Twald 12
Battle of Twald 13
Chaos Wars XXII

Persona History

Emeldir Talrein left a safe haven of her people in search of adventure and answers about the world. What she found was a strange land full of stranger peoples, and many more questions than answers. She continues to pursue knowledge while on her travels, and briefly settled in Stygia for a time. While she learns more about fighting, about the other races that inhabit the world she has stumbled upon, and about herself, Emeldir hasn't forgotten the people she has left behind. Emeldir is currently travelling alone, journeying wherever the wind may take her. Where or when she might next appear is anyone's guess.

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