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Guttermaw Lore


Many have left. Still, many remain. It is no matter. We are still strong. We will persevere.

The pack may have gotten smaller, but what it lacked in raw strength, it made up for in agility. The use of tactics went from a novelty to a necessity, and this produced some of the most spectacular wins the pack had known. Everyone was well fed and there were spoils enough for all - until the chatter started.

It was a single gnoll at first; her name was Mul. She was small, but so full of energy. She was always the first into the fray, and had the scars to match. She often displayed a toothy grin, and was almost always nursing an injury of some kind. As such, she was all too happy to brag of her accomplishments and point out what she saw as the failures of others.

This was fine for a time, until she started to gather a following. As she grew in influence, another voice in the pack started to grow as well. If Mul was the voice of the wild, Hyrn was the reserved voice of reason (or as reasonable as gnolls get). As Mul called for more and more aggressive tactics, Hyrn did the opposite. This instantly painted a target on his back; if he considered himself reserved, Mul called him indecisive. If Hyrn considered himself a strong leader, Mul claimed to be twice so.

It wasn't long before Hyrn grew tired of the verbal sparring and challenged Mul to single combat. There were only two rules: no weapons, bladed, blunt, or otherwise; this wasn't a fight to the death. Second, no other fighters in the ring. The winner would step forward as the first true leader of the pack, while the loser would shut their trap. Any followers of the defeated gnoll would also fall in line. Hyrn was not afraid to make this gamble, in part because fear is not in gnoll nature, but also because of his size and considerable skill in combat. He took Mul for a braggart, but not much else. His followers called her “guttermaw,” sure that her words could not keep pace with her fighting.

When the appointed time came, the battle was fierce. Mul continued to trash talk throughout the battle, sparing Hyrn no verbal lashing. For his part, Hyrn mostly ignored what she said, instead focusing on the fight. What he could not ignore, however, was that he was losing. Slowly but surely, she overpowered, outpaced, and most damningly, outsmarted him. He had to wave off two of his supporters with clubs when it became clear he was down for the count. Even if he was bitter, he wasn't stupid. Any attempt on her life would end his soon after, not to mention that the pack would scatter to the wind.

While Hyrn did his best to accept defeat gracefully, Mul did not make it easy; winning the fight had only increased her ego. She'd even started calling the pack clan Guttermaw so he'd never forget his loss. Isolated and defeated, Hyrn departed from the pack soon after. Only a small group of his most loyal followers went with him. He vowed to grow stronger, and to return and take the title of clan leader. He departed with little fanfare, determined to forge his own story. By contrast, clan Guttermaw remains one of the largest and strongest to this day.

Questions about Guttermaw

* What gnoll race does Guttermaw consist of?

- Guttermaw is more strongly based around the Maanhaar sub race of gnoll, though they have spotted and striped gnolls within their ranks. They are not subjected to what race of gnoll you chose, they will accept you either way.

* What does it take to be a Guttermaw gnoll?

Naw just kidding. As long as you show your markings and wear them proudly you’ll do great in Guttermaw. Even though they love to fight it is not a requirement within the clan itself.

What symbol shows that you're Guttermaw?

- A stripe actoss the face that goes cheek to cheek and crosses over the bridge of the nose.

* Guttermaw allies (yes we have allies within our own clan).

- Currently the gnolls have a great friendship with hell hounds. They “hunt” with them and fight along side them.

*Questions about Guttermaw?
- Try asking Copper!

Current Gnolls of Guttermaw

Clan Symbol

Coming shortly.

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