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You know you want it.

Fighter Information


Full Name: Ian Pace
Fighting Name: Willow
Race: Forest Troll

Realm: Sand Plains, formerly Waldgeist
Unit: Horde (Feral under Chimney)
Fighting Since: Sometime in 2006 (local unofficial group) June 2012 (first event)
Fighting Style: Ball and Wall, Board and Bat, Macentine, Spear? and Shield Bash
Follower of: Fenris of the Dread Gods

Events Attended

  • Rhun in June '12
  • Sand Plains Opener '12
  • Octfest '12
  • Rhun Closer '12
  • Sand Plains Opener '13
  • Rhun Closer '13


If you see him on the field, run. You will get hit. If you see him off the field, also run. You'll probably be tackled. Or try to catch him. He may have booze.

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