Warlord McGee

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Warlord McGee
Warlord 2.jpg

Member of The Great Hunt

(Catalyst) Tail

Race: Gnome

Having traveled across much of the Western Belegarth expanses, and beyond, Warlord McGee found his way back to Stygia. The colds had mostly subsided and he found the champions of the Lotus hard at work, training for the battles that came with the warming sun. The gnome had reached his home. Over the next few months, McGee reintegrated himself to the bustling realm of Stygia, preparing for Western Wars 13 and the fated Chaos Wars 20. At Western Wars 13 he completed his Tail Trial, and gained membership in Catalyst. Time passed and Chaos Wars arrived. Catalyst joined with Blackwater to create The Blacklyst, in efforts to obtain the mythical Chaos Banner. It was a hard fought week, with many glorious victories and narrow defeats. Fighting through the badland heat, set upon by the insect horde, still the Blacklyst strived for their goal. In the end, The Skal conglomeration seized the Banner in a show of power and force. Members of the Blacklyst were commended for their valiant effort, and McGee was awarded "Badass of the Week" (Volunteer of the Week) McGee also has much to say in the way of gnomish plights and the revolution that is going to happen...eventually.

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