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Yo madog, grim here. Just though maybe we could put a directory for the tribes of uruk-hai up here, basically exactly as you have done with bloodfury only the rest is gonna be totally plagerized off shrek(or bull, not sure who done it) from the UH website. Then maybe link it from the UH entry on here. Just thinknin about how its kinda boring, or maybe at the least bring some of the pictures over. Speakin of which, I'm gonna upload my pics of UH from Ofest.

<Madog> I Don't get the hottie pic?

<Grim> Yea... not sure what's up with that picture either.

Durrr, meesa not no wut to do wit hott-t-t-tee

<Madog> Your so right I only have two hands and with all the hott-t-t-tee's I already have I just won't know what to do with her.

<Helm>Yeah, I noticed that there were lots of uncategorized pages, so I decided to clean them up, and in the process I managed to reorganize some categories and add some pages. In my last job I dealt with content trees and product categorization, so I guess that part of me is surfacing :) I think the wiki is a great idea though, so I want to keep it as organized and useful as I can.

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