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Fighting Name: Sir Smiley The Uncompromisingly Forthright

Knighted by Nénharma

Knight of Knights of Oldcastle

First Knight to Abraxas

  • Acts as a permanent Council to the realm as the only Sunflower Warden To protect the well being of the realm, To make sure it succeeds against all odds, To nurture the needs of the members and teach where knowledge is desired.

Real Name: Dan

Race: Demon Prince

Realm: Abraxas

Realm Rank: Sunflower Warden

Fighting Style: Sword & Board , Spear, Bow & Arrow

Unit: House Hellhammer

Former member of clan of the hydra

Started Fighting: 2006

Events Attended:

Rhun Closer 06,07,08

Wolfpack Opener 07,08,09

Spring War 07,08,09,10

Melcaorme 6

Rhun in June 07,08,10

Armageddon VI,VII,VIII

Loderia Mini 07,08

Summer Wars 08

Dunharrow Mini 07,08

Ocktoberfest 07,08,09,10

Muxlova Mayhem 07 ,08, 09

Character Lore In a far off land to the midwest, where the smog is so think it could rip the skin from a bird. There lived a two poor peasants. The mother was Pregnant with a baby boy, and without knowly they would spawn a man of untold evil. A Demon touched boy, threw out the land it was fortold that one day a creature would be born with the strength to make men puke from his smell and die by his unholy blade. Though these were just whispering faint voices froms decades past.............. Thus Smiley McPoopie pants the third was born. he was dubed the third because his parents had qaudruplets and he had killed off these lesser feebel children in the womb. Mcpoopie pants was given to him because god damn he SHIT everywhere. His parent were poor so at a young age he had to learn the harsh reality of the world. Thus he turned to crime. It had started out as just petty crimes but had developed into serious matter when he was caught stealing from a much richer family. With blood on his hands and an untold angry in his heart the gaurds had sprung on him. He had slaughtered the hole family, the guards had chained him up and it was off to the chopping block. Even giving his age to consideration the town had no choice but to sentance him to death for his hanus crimes...... On the day of his execution his parents came to see him. his mother and father could do nothing but spit on him and tell him how much of a descase he was. Enraged from his parents words and actions he began to toss and turn beating on the walls of his cells. it took four men to tackle and subdue him. It was time...........his head was on the chopping block ready for death. he did nothing but cuss at the people watch and laughing manicly. the executionor approached and put his axe to his throat, lining his blade for the swing he cocked back, before he unleashed his blade *POOF* a man cluching a amulet appeared. This Cloaked figure pulls a dagger from his robes and stabs the executioner in the throat. His axe falls to the ground as the crowd gasps in horror. As the executioner falls to the floor grasping his throat hole, Blood sprayed all over the robed figure and smiley. he grabs smiley in one hand and in the other grasps his amulet. *POOF* Before anyone could even make a move they both vanish in awe.

  • POOF* they arrive to an odd smelling camp, the cloaked figure removes his cowel and greets himself to smiley. "I am lord kayle and i command the dark armies of sauron. I have heard of your misdeeds and you will fight for us now......or DIE"

This man would become smileys mentor and it would not take smiley long to kill his foes with ease. he did will in the service of kayle, killing off many of thier enemys. But it was hard for him, he always felt that he was being held back in some form. Like he had some hidden potential that he was not quite able to tap into. Until he met the Daemon the plaguebringer an agent of the chaos gods. Even the mere presisance of this man gave smiley the chills. this man was a trained killer but was given the blessings of all the chaos gods. "I am 5000 years old and have magic beyond your imagination." "give up your body and soul to me and the lords of chaos and you will have that power that you have always wanted that i can sense i you" And thus it came to be that the boy touched by Tzeench and blessed by Nurgal came to be the Nastiest killer the lands will have seen.

How I started Fighting

well i guess it all started when my friend Nick Young (Trogdor) came over to my house with his axe that he had just bought from edhellen. this interested me quite a bit. so i made my self a blue sword and a coffin shield made from 1 inch particle board and carpenters padding. the shield weight was about 40 pounds hahahah.

How The Name "Smiley" Came about

Me and My Old Shield, For those that are curious

It was a regular day at practice and Peregrine finally decide my shield wasnt battle worthy so i toke a loaner shield witch was a 28 standard round. i liked it much better then my coffin shield so many ideas started poping in my head about a nice shield. A shield that would make people laugh every time they saw it. when i looked at the round shield it sort of reminded me of a smiley face and i thought that that would be pretty funny. so then i thought the name smiley would be keen for my name. so i created a 36 inch round and with the help of my mom we created smiley(which toke about a days worth of work for the garb and the cover for the shield witch almost made the family break apart from arguing).

Smileys History

Smiley Started at with a 50 pound coffin shield (a fighter without a name at the time). then when it came time for his first event (Rhun Closer 06) smiley made new garb and shield cover and dawned the smiley face. at wolfpack opener 07 Smiley Begin Petitioning Clan of the hydra. After Fighting for many more months he and big jimmy had a talk. and this is when Smiley finally realized he would never be able to be taken seriously with the smiley face. so smiley began a new a punch shield. after much more fighting ockfect 07 came and smiley was advanced in rank in clan of the hydra. now a guard of hydra he feels he has found a second family in hydra. with much to learn smiley feels there's no were left to go up from here

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