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Ulfserks Original Banner

The Ulfserks were founded as a local unit in 2012 by the first War Chief, Ravn the Skinner in the realm of Riverbend. It was originally intended to generate competitive play with other local units in Riverbend and to help springboard new recruits to grow as fighters and become better equipped.

Unfortunately all was not well in Riverbend. The members of the Ulfserks held a Thing and chose to separate themselves from the realm and founded a new one, Vigrid Plains, with Ravn as Jarl.

Since then the Ulfserks have grown as a unit with full intentions to continue to do so hopefully expanding to become a national unit in the near future.

His men went without their mailcoats and were as mad as hounds or wolves,
They bit their shields, and were strong as bears or bulls,
They slew men but neither fire nor iron had effect upon them.
This is called 'to run Ulfserk'

The Ulfserks officially disbanded in 2014.

Organization and Laws


Untested, and foreign. The Unblooded are petitioners to the war band. They cannot wear the Ulfserk symbol and don't have voting rights. There is no minimum or maximum period of time in which someone can be a Unblooded. They gain membership by show casing their skills and by spending time among the band. An Unblooded's last test is a combat gauntlet where they must prove his/her skill to the assembled shield brothers.

A full member who has passed their initiation and sworn oaths to the war band. Blooded receive full voting rights at the Things.

Helm-plate press from Torslunda.

Thegn: (Old Norse ├żegn)
This rank is a transitional rank given to a regional commander seeking to build a new keel. Once a Thegn has proven his leadership as well as gather a sufficient following of recruits (no greater then eight) he/she will be promoted to War Chief of a new keel at the discretion of the existing War Chiefs. Duties include:

War Chief:
Leader of the keel and commander on the battlefield. Their duties include settling disputes, organizing camp, and seeing to it that everyone is fed and equipped. They lead with the perfect mixture of discipline and freedom for their men. War Chiefs has final say in matters to do with his keel. They must test, challenge, and bring out the best in keel mates. They are the standard which all others are measured and so should conduct themselves with honor and integrity.


A blooded member who has shown great initiative in the are of training, recruiting, and crafting (weapons, garb, etc.). Awarded by the War Chief.

Current Huscarls: Gremlin, Breggo the Loyal, Thunderfoot

A blooded member with great skill in arms and has decorated his name with tournament wins. Awarded by his/her War Chief.

Shadow Raider:
A blooded member with skill in the dark places of the world. Shadow Raiders are the unit assassins and have proven their skill in infiltration, espionage, and killing without being seen. Shadow Raiders excel in assassins tourneys.

When a new War Chief takes command of a keel, he/she appoints two true shield brothers to be his right and left hands, to help them lead and aid them in times of need. They are the War Chief's closest advisers and trusted friends.

A blooded member who is the first and last word when it comes to the intricacies of law. At the Allthing and local Things the lawspeaker serves to remind people of what is expected of them and keep the discussions on track. They also tally votes and record decisions.

Members by Keel

Ulfserks c. 2013

Vigrid Plains Original:

War Chief Ravn the Skinner


Breggo the Loyal



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