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Thri Kreen

An argument with a Thri-Kreen goes the wrong way.

Physical Description

  • A Thri-Kreen resemble a giant praying mantis, only bipedal and humanoid. They have exoskeletons over their entire bodies. They also have six total limbs protruding from their thorax: two for walking and four for use as arms, ending in four-fingered claw-like hands capable of tool- and weapon-use. Their insectoid heads have two black, multi-faceted compound eyes; two small antennae sprouting from the top; and a complex jaw structure with large sharp mandibles. It is extremely difficult to distinguish the males and females of this species.

  • The carapace of a Thri-Kreen is typically a sandy yellow in hue, but could vary from a sandy brown to a pale green color or even white, as is best suited the environment. This enable Thri-Kreen to blend in with the dry savannas and grasslands they usually dwell in.

  • Thri-Kreen wear little to no clothing or armor. Instead, they wore only simple leather belts, harnesses, or slings to hold their food, equipment, and weaponry, and only as much as they needed.

  • Thri-Kreen have superior physical abilities compared to a human, with high strength and great agility. They are faster on their feet, and naturally and supremely good at jumping. They are quick enough to deflect or dodge most incoming projectiles. Their carapace is naturally armored, being tough and resistant to impact, and its sandy colors help them hide in sandy or barren landscapes. Thri-Kreen typically grow to be skilled in their senses, hiding, jumping, climbing, and balancing.
Florentine gets more scary the more arms introduced

  • A Thri-Kreen's four claws and a bite from its mandibles were dangerous natural weapons. They secreted a paralyzing poison from their mouths, sufficient for a single venomous bite per day. This could hamper a victim's agility, or cause paralysis for several minutes.

Personality/Common Traits

  • Thri-Kreen have no clear or definable personalities as humans would know them. No emotions could be discerned from their insectoid faces or their patterns of behavior, though rapid twitching of their antennae or mandibles indicated agitation. Acting spontaneously, they were unpredictable and always chaotic in nature showing no inclination toward concepts of good or evil as humans understand them. These traits made them utterly alien and inscrutable to other races, and folk unfamiliar with them regarded them as savage and brutal monsters.

  • In fact, Thri-Kreen simply view themselves and other beings in terms of the relationship between predator and prey. They saw themselves as noble hunters, and were wholly focused on survival and the basic needs of existence, a life in which the weak died and the strong survived. They were not cruel or evil if they had no need to be, but nor did they go out of their way to aid others if they did not have to. By instinct, they saw humanoid beings as food first and as trading partners or allies second.

Thri-Kreen Sand-dancers are lethal and swift.
  • Their alien thought patterns make it hard for them to understand the advanced concepts or sophisticated social rules of other races. They lack ideas of devotion, honor, or loyalty, but they respected skill and strength and recognize the convenience of working with talented hunting companions. They maintain no traditions, and see no benefit in the traditions of others.They value little that humanoids made.

  • They do not make or wear any kind of adornments. They hold no god or higher power in regard as they are not spiritual creatures.Instead, they prefer druidic traditions of nature worship and thri-kreen druids serve as spiritual leaders for their kind.They place little value in possessions. What few treasures or trinkets they have are kept for their usefulness or decorative purposes.

What does this mean?

  • Thri-Kreen are usually embodied by people who wear lots of armor, and tend to favor tall people with lanky builds. They are usually people who are sociable off the field and quiet and deadly on the field. Armor is not required, and Thri-Kreen do not usually paint up. They are a tribal and friendly people.


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