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Of the three daughters of The White Mother, only one's name has been lost. Not to time, or lack of memory, but a purposeful, intended disowning of one who has refused to follow the natural order. For whatever path a daughter chooses to take, she comes to​ the same end, and end her life eventually must. For in the long years of her life, she gains much knowledge. Too much.
Such a wealth of knowledge comes at a price - to remember everything that has occurred in ages come​ and gone, one will find their mind slowly slipping. Too much knowledge begins to erode the edges of one's sanity, and over the long years, one will lose themselves in the madness. None have been willing to test the boundaries of their mind, save one.

The Hag. Demented, and twisted. A mere shell of the troll she used to be. Refusing to accept her mortality, falling deeper into the insanity that has consumed her. She holds the knowledge of the ages, and, for those brave - or perhaps foolish - enough to seek her out, she may answer one question. For a price. If you have a great need for an answer to your question, if you desire the knowledge of ages, then, you may choose to seek out The Hag. To find her, you need to venture into the deepest, darkest recesses of the forest. You must find a place where the light of the sun does not touch the leaves or ground, where it's warmth cannot banish the chill in the air. Then, you must listen carefully, and follow the sound of the crows, for the crows follow her.

Once you​ have found the crows, you must follow the smell of carrion. Dead, festering, rotting meat. The stench will grow to the point of being nearly unbearable, and then, you will have found her. In a dilapidated, rotting shack, surrounded by chunks of decaying meat and crows.
For this is the price of her knowledge, this is the payment she requires - one pound of flesh. From what source, she cares not. But beware, for if your payment does not suit her, if she finds it lacking, then she will take her payment, her pound of flesh, from you.
Once she has accepted your payment, or has taken her own, ask her your question, and she may choose to answer. Once she has fulfilled your request, once you have your​ answer, I suggest you quickly leave, before she decides to take more in payment.
Should you ever have further need for her knowledge, do not bother to look for her where she was last found, for her house will be gone. She will have moved, into an equally deep, dark corner of the forest, and her house will have moved with her, and the crows will follow.
As for her payment, it is not known why she asks for exactly one pound of flesh, nor is it known what she does with it, for when you see her frail, gaunt form, it is obvious that she is not the one that eats all of that meat. Perhaps she feeds it to the crows that follow her.
Or, just maybe, she feeds it to her house, for it is rumored that the rotting walls are alive, and move throughout the forest at her command. As crazy as that may sound, those few souls that have sought her out will swear that you can hear her house breathing, and if you look between the moldering floor boards, you can see a slight glimmer of intelligence.

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