The Great Heathen Army

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The Raven Banner of the Great Heathen Army

The Great Heathen Army is a unit devoted to the viking and barbarian characters in belegarth. Just as the real Heathen Army united Scandinavia to conquer England, our goal is to unite the vikings and barbarians of belegarth under one flag.

Joining the Army

To join the Great Heathen Army as a bairn, all you have to do is spend time with a Heathen and ask to become a bairn. If the Heathen you ask says yes, then you're in. All bairns must attend at least three events with the Great Heathen Army, and complete a few standard trials before they are able to become a Heathen.


The title of Heathen is given to a bairn when they have completed their all required trials.


A bairn is an initiate of the Heathen Army. Bairn translates to child.

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